Twins Investment
Mind and Capital Alliance
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Twins Investments is the unique company of its own.

On the one hand, we are the direct investments fund. This part of our business is the investing in the interesting and underappreciated projects and ideas that can either bring the benefit to the authors or become the efficiency business.

On the other hand, we go in for the management consulting. Worked out methods and the years of experience upon the realized projects allow us being assured in the second part of our business.

The Mind and Capital Alliance — the consulting and investing businesses — are the basis of the Twins Investments success. In our arms and hearts this synergy gives the birth to our advantage: we can predict the business ideas abilities from the point of its potential and capitalization.

Our team has been working together since 2001. At the same time everybody has the nontrivial experience in such spheres as finances, telecommunications, manufacturing and woodworking industry.

Do you have interesting ideas? Let’s discuss together…