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"Gars Telecom"

The Russian telecommunications market is one of the few industries that profited from international telecommunications experience. Leading telecommunication companies have managed to train and develop highly qualified personnel, the best of whom have been working for Gars Telecom since 1999.

The one out the most fast-growing companies in its segment. Despite the 40 MUSD capitalization is the competitor of the undoubted leaders of the corporate telecommunications market. The secret of success is not so complicated: there was gathered a team which can show the evident achievements. This team has almost unbounded powers and proved resources.

The next step is the detailed studying of the market segments and choosing one out of the most benefit niches, and developing of the maximum level of the services in this niche as well.

Result — Gars Telecom sets the pace on the market. And the record in CV with the Company name is worth its weight in gold.

And this is just a beginning!



More and more tourists prefer tours organized by themselves to the trips with the tour operator. Indeed, what could be more interesting than to explore the world yourself? But a choice of a proper guidebook is a difficult and responsible task.

For these purposes we have launched a project concerning smart audio guides, which are operating on mobile devices. One of the advantages of a project is a lack of necessity to download the whole guidebook - the system reads GPS-coordinates and downloads the required content. The user can listen to the articles, comment them via microphone and headphones or give advices to other users of Toozla platform.

Wikistream - the guidebook on the Wikipedia basis - seems to be a revolutionary step. Stopping near any sight at any place it suffices to turn Toozla on and the in-depth knowledge base will tell you every available information about certain place.

How often do we dream to get all information on the upcoming trip and to plan it literally on a single resource - to buy tickets, to book a hotel or the whole tour (learning about different towns and countries in advance), to familiarize with other tourists' reports, to watch photos, and later to share own impressions on vacations, and probably to help anyone with our report.

Transtouristic project "Turometr" is an interactive internet platform. It joins a relevant today social services direction - network diaries of tourists and travellers, encyclopedic knowledge - information concerning countries, sights and entertainment places, business-information about travel companies and their products and the classic travel services - tours, tickets and apartments booking as well.

Turometr today is a useful resource for tourists and travel market experts. It is a place, where the seller and receiver of the service can get together more often and more efficiently.



Care4Teenis an intuitive software which gives parents control over, and access to, their children’s online activities. The program offers remote capabilitiesfor parents so that you can login to see what your child is doing online even when you are at work or on vacation. Care4Teen also acts as ablocking service in that it prevents your child from accessing websiteswhich you and the other Care4Teen parents havedeemed inappropriate.



Tantrip— is the unique virtual complex system for group and independent tourists. You can get information, plan and organize you trip. Tantrip includes:

TANINFO — Information about countries, cities, places, calendar of events.
TANBOOK — booking of tickets and tours — regular offers.
TANTOP — special offers, hotels, tours and tickets.