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«Summer call-in 2010»

We announce a new summer call-in for authors and creators of innovation technologies and private business. We are ready once again to propose you our smart investments in return for your smart and charismatic ideas.

Our credo hasn't changed. We can listen, we are result-oriented, and we just can't lose.

Can listen
Our investors are as conservative, as before. But we can persuade them and that is why we are ready for real invest-adventures. We want to invest in challenging and effective ideas.

There is no magic, but we are ready to engage imagination even then and there, when is goes "against the hair" of canons. If there is no need in our interruption, it is neither a problem. If real brain storming is required -this is essentially about us. We want to be smarter than conventional wisdom is.

Ñan't lose.
With knobs on we can. And we are ready to play your game if we believe in your project. Despite the good and bad experience we have, we can keep the team in tone.

Thus, we announce call-in of new fresh projects and projects that have already proved their substantiality and relevance to the market. Do you desire growth and development? Do you feel the time demanding new step to be made and new level reached? But investments are required, aren't they? Then "Summer call-in" is what you've been looking for.

"Summer call-in" is also for investors and business angels. We want to conquer the best new ideas. Have you already invested and made sufficient steps with authors and dream to find an investor of a new level? Are you tired of working on start-up? Don't you believe in it anymore? Sell it to us - we are ready to venture our money, experience and luck.

Today Twins Investments is searching for ideas in any fields - our team was supplemented by experts and "combative" enthusiasts - professionals. We are broad brow and ready for collaboration.

It's your turn - do you have enough of courage?

Summer call-in is ending in august. The time is drawing on…